A Very Human Side to the Internet

We’re steadfast about keeping a human element in our work so that you know you’re talking to real people, not just your computer screen.

We’ve never been more connected in this world, but somehow the internet still feels like a cold and distant place. It’s almost like we’ve forgotten that technology was suppose to bring us closer together rathern than create barriers between us. In an industry that is overgrown with de-humination and automation, we’re looking to keep people right where they need to be - at the centre of it all.

We speak, human

The hardest thing about the internet is often getting past the jargon. Getting lost in trying to understand what SMTP port you’re using and how to isntall your SSL certificate can, and often will, result in a jargon-headache. We take the headaches away by givng you the info you need to make better business decisions. It’s that simple.

Flexible and accommodating

Whether your a fast-paced entrepeneur looking to get push-out great content on their website, or your a traditional business needing a better presence - no worries, we can do both. We’re hear to be the platform to grow, as little or as much as you want. And we’re not going to push you onto Facebook or Snapchat just because it’s the IN thing.

We’re always here to help

A great web site is only as good as the people behind it and that’s why we’ve been in business for over 20 years. Our customers need all kinds of support, from small questions and guidance to how-to’s and customized development, and we’re always ready to help out where and when you need it.

Our Achievments

20 +
Years in business
450 +
Websites designed
85 +
Active customers
165 +
Domain names
225 +
Email mailboxes
32 +
Million spam blocked

Webtech Design Co.

We aim to make the internet a more HUMAN place by simplifying the difficult and adding context to the binary.

I need help hosting my existing website or business email

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Servers? FTP? HTTPS? We get it – the internet is made by geeks and it sometimes takes a masters degree in geekenomics to figure it out. Luckily, we’ve been certified-geek for over 20 years.

We break it down into simple terms so you get what you need for your website and email without the jargon headaches. It’s easy too, just click the button below and put our geekery to work for your business.

I need help with a new or existing website for my business

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A new website is where most of our customers start their journey with us. Typically they’re looking at an old and tired site and feel it’s time for a fresh look. Or maybe their business has changed and they need to evolve their web site to better fit their changes.

Either way it’s a great opportunity for us to have a conversation about what’s possible.

I need something a little different

Not all of our customer’s needs fall into one of the above two categories and sometimes they need a little something different to make it a great fit. Click the button if you don’t see what you’re looking for and we can chat about a more customized project.

Joey was willing to listen and asked me some challenging questions so he could understand what I wanted to do with my business. 

Jamie Tyrrell
Facilitator and Consultant

Working with Joey and his team was easy and provided us with the peace of mind that the job was going to be done right

Melissa Ferguson
Cornwall & The Counties CFDC

We Play Well With Others

All the integrations you need to be a better business online.