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Web design & development services tailor-made for busy professionals.

We offer a range of web design and development services that we tailor to our customer’s budget, timeframe, goals and brand. We develop all of our websites on WordPress because of its flexibility, depth and ease of use for clients who want to self-manage their website content.

We predominately work with small businesses throughout North America in a wide range of industries and sectors. You’ll be working directly with our team of designers and developers to make sure nothing gets mixed up in the shuffle. We’re a small business and we understand small businesses, which means we don’t talk in code, or use heavy jargon – it’s important to us that you understand what’s happening every step of the way.

Designing websites on WordPress allows us to use a modular development system so we can customize the project to each customer’s needs and not have to rebuild or recode each element every time we implement it. Even though using templates and pre-built modules can be quicker, we do ensure that the designs are all custom so you have a site that’s as unique as your brand.

Over 88% of Canadians are accessing the internet on a regular basis. That’s a tonne of potential for businesses looking to invest in their marketing.

Why choose Webtech for your build?

We’ve been developing websites for over 20 years and have launched over 500 websites in that time. We’ve accumulated expertise that can only come from years of experience. It isn’t the big visuals that make a web design agency successful, it’s the methods and workflows built over time that make up a reliable team of developers that deliver quality results on each project.

Our small team of digital experts make up a strong and well-rounded skillset in core technologies, design, strategy, digital marketing,business and entrepreneurship. Our dependability, reliability and dedication to our client’s success is what sets us apart from our industry peers and the reason we’ve been in business for over 20 year.

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  • Beautifully-designed website
  • Modules tailored to your needs
  • Built with future-proof code
  • Clear hassle-free communication

The core of most of our projects

 All of our website design and development projects start with a stable foundation comprised of proven-tools and industry-best practices to improve functionality, management and performance over time.

WordPress CMS

Most of our websites are built on the industry-leading CMS platform.

Layout & Sitemap (UX)

UX will set the tone, direction and function of your website.

Design & Style (UI)

We add colours, styles, fonts, and esthetic to your site to give it life.

Launch Workflow

Your project will go through our 15-point process built on 20+ year’s experience.

Our Modules & Add-ons

These are the most common modules we can add to your website depending on your business’ needs, over time. Read through them and let’s schedule a call to get started on your project.

Copy Writing

Work with a professional copywriter to get the right words into place.


Offer content in two or more languages making it easy for your visitors to connect.

Blog Module

Improve SEO and onsite engagement with a blog that showcases your expertise.

Email Capture

Build your email contact list by capturing your visitor emails on your website.

Listings Module

Display and manage a gallery of items like properties, vehicles or profiles.

Members Module

Display and manage members with private access and individual user profiles.

Events Module

Display and manage events on your website complete with registration & tickets.

Online Payments

Accept payments through your website using Paypal or other payment gateways.

E-Commerce Module

Display and manage your product inventory and allow customers to place orders.

Google Ads

Drive paid traffic to specific pages and content on your website with Google Ads.

Premium Design

Take your web site development project further with premium web design.

SEO Module

Target specific keywords to cumulatively improve your search rankings. 

Animations Module

Add the perfect finishing touches to your website content with animations.

Zapier Automation

Add workflow automation to your website by integrating Zapier’s API tools.

Lead Generation

Build attractive offers and qualify customers directly on your website.

Advanced Forms

Collect more in-depth information from your visitors with complex web form fields.

Start your project, select your modules, and we put it all together.

It’s that simple!